If Your Board Knew More About Governance Would They Quit?

On the one hand, most groups need directors and I am sorry if my workshop has caused an organization to lose people they need. On the other hand, if someone was serving as a director but they did not understand their role and responsibilities then I am glad that they now understand.

Better to find out that you don’t understand what it means to be a director at a workshop than when you are facing legal action or you are paying a bill from your own pocket.

The most common thing that board members find out at my training, that they did not know before — is that Canada Revenue Agency has the ability to get directors of an organization to pay source deductions and sales tax personally if the organization does not have enough funds.

So my question is — does your board understand the risks of being a director well enough?

If the answer is NO, check out one of my 4 on-line governance courses HERE

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