Information or Learning?

How do we make sure that board members learn the policies they need to know? Providing the information about policies does not always mean that board members understand the implications or how to apply the policies. Conflict of interest is an example of where just reading policies might not be enough.

Technology can help us here. Turning your paper policies into eLearning will enable board members to listen to the policies being explained by an instructor and they can then answer questions that demonstrates their understanding. This approach, rather than handing board members a big binder to read through should give better results.

Typical Learning methods would include small case studies of situations where a conflict exists. The learning could be set up to explain the situation, ask if there is a conflict and then the answer can be explained.

If you are looking for a consultant to bring your policies to life and design the eLearning course to help new board members understand the organizations policies — give us a call (902–865–660), we can give you a quote. You can also check out our online governance courses HERE.

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