Internet of Things. Canada 150 Recommendation #148

Friday’s= Computer Security

The internet of things is providing us with new concerns. Once your home or office is completely wired to the internet, fraudsters will have more to work with. Fraudsters are able to take over the microphones and cameras in computers and will have less trouble doing the same thing with toys that come into your home or wired equipment in your office, such as security cameras.

Any device that communicates with the internet is vulnerable. Some examples are pieces of equipment such as televisions, washers and dryers, heating and lighting fixtures. Anything that can be monitored from your phone while you are away from home has the capability of being taken over by malware.

Before you hook up any piece of equipment to your home of office, enquire about the password for that machine. There have been cases where there is only one password for the piece of equipment, which gives hackers an easier time to figure it out!

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