Is Your Social Media Strategy Coherent?

Does your organization know why it is on Social Media?

Most groups know why they have a website but their participation on social media is less structured. (Websites exist in the non profit sector at least as a way for stakeholders to find you – in case you were wondering)

The Facebook or Twitter participation by a group requires more attention.

What is your budget for social media for the coming year? Who is going to be responsible for determining content and actually posting and interacting?

Your organization has choices about how they are going to participate in social media and the board should be involved in making this decision.

Is your social media presence primarily a place for your stakeholders to interact with each other? This would be the social in social media and requires the least amount of interaction on your part.

However there are two other options I would mention.

1> Is your group interested in being the curator on your topics – this means that you accumulate the information about the topic on your feeds and you become the “go to” source for information on the topic. Clearly this takes more time and resources.

2> The most costly option would be for your group to be the thought leaders in your topic – your group generates the actual content, writes the posts, does the research etc.

The next few posts on this topic will explore each of the options in more detail, so you can consider which is the best route for your group.

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