Liberal Government Planning More Taxes on Success

The federal government is planning to increase the income tax paid by “wealthy” Canadians. This sounds like a more reasonable idea than what they are really suggesting. The plan they are putting forward for discussion will increase the taxes being charged to self-employed Canadians who have created and operate successful businesses.

Words are important and the word “wealthy” makes it sound like we are taking more tax from people who have more money than they need. The word “wealthy” does not make you think about successful people, it make you think of inherited money and the idle rich.

How about a headline that reads “Federal Government Punishes Successful Business Owners “or “Federal Government Removes Incentives for Success?”

Wealthy? Successful? Who is the Canadian government really talking about? We need to be careful not to discourage entrepreneurs from starting businesses and creating jobs. We all can’t work for the government.

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