May 5 2015 – Personal Tax Deadline Extended Again

The 2013 personal tax filing season was extended by 5 days due to the Heartbleed vulnerability that closed the CRA website for 5 days. Although this was very annoying at least we knew why the deadline was extended.
The 2014 personal tax filing season was also extended by 5 days. We don’t know why. The story is a bit interesting as well, and here it is. On the evening of  Friday April 24 I am working – which is not unusual with less than a week to go until the personal tax filing deadline. I get an email from the CRA Efile help desk letting me know that the deadline has been extended to May 5. If you know what the initials WTF stand for, then you know my reaction. The extension does change things – now the deadline is not less than a week away.

On Monday April 27 again in the evening – I receive another email, suggesting that I ignore the email sent on the 24th. Now I really am saying WTF – loudly- the deadline has been moved back to April 30 and it is nearly the 28th. I work pretty much all night.

At 11 the next morning the revenue minister announces that CRA will not be permitted to change the changing of the deadline and we are back to May 5.  This is a relief but the big question remains – why did it happen and will it happen again in 2016?



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