Mother’s Day Report Card

Continuing with my Mother’s Day theme. Today was the day. What grade would your family get on their Mother’s Day?

If you forgot it was Mother’s Day and you have a mother — no points for you! You get an F.

If you remembered about Mother’s Day only when you heard it on the radio or it came up on your phone — it does not matter what you did to celebrate. You get a D.

How you would get a C?

  • You get a C if you made a plan the night before, only invited one of your three siblings and took your mother to a place she did not enjoy.
  • You also get a C if all you did was email your mother and she lives within a one hour drive of you.

How you would get a B?

  • You get a B if your plans were not last minute but the whole experience was awkward or not enjoyable. Maybe some family members had words or no one paid much attention to the mother but talked mainly among themselves. Or maybe the goal of celebrating the holiday were not clear to anyone.

How would you get an A?

  • You had a plan that was created more than a week ago, after consultations with all of the family and the plan was executed perfectly. No bloodshed occurred and everyone involved is still on speaking terms with everyone else. The mother was pleased and you get an A+ if she said “Best Mother’s Day ever.”

It is not too soon to plan next years Mother’s Day — if you have siblings then now is the time to make the policy that next year it is their turn to handle this event.

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