My ADAPPT Acronym and Public Health

I have an acronym I use to teach board members how to make decisions. The acronym ADAPPT applies to other situations as well.  The acronym stands for authority, diligence, accountability, policy, prudence and transparency. 

Authority is the first one, because, of course if you don’t have the authority to make a decision you really don’t need the rest of it. This is what I am talking about today. Do we accept that there are decisions made by others because we do not have the authority? I personally, do not have a problem with the decisions made by those in authority to put public health concerns above private liberties.  This is not a new concept.

It has been clear for years that your right to free speech does not extend to yelling FIRE in a crowded room (unless there is a fire). The current example of this fact, is that your right to personal liberty does not include breathing on other people if there is a pandemic. This is the correct use of authority – to make those public health decisions. But we don’t all agree about that.

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