Definition of roles

Does your board have job descriptions or role definitions? Few volunteer boards have set aside time to develop role definitions for their board members. If everyone on a board is responsible for something happening then it is the same as no one being responsible. Time will be wasted in co-ordinating efforts of multiple people if […]

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Dirty Money

Accountants talk about laundering money in a different sense than actually making the money cleaner. Health professionals talk about the germs that money carries. Canadian currency is no longer made of paper so it harbours fewer germs, genetic material and cocaine on its surface than US money. This is yet another way that Canada is […]

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Too Late To Get Your Refund

Did you know that Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) can keep your income tax refund if your tax return is filed more than three years late? I have had clients who have filed multiple returns multiple years late and it is only recently that we have learned the net efunds will not be paid to the […]

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Commission or Omission?

Two words that sound the same but mean different things. Both words can get you in trouble. The commission of something can be bad or good. Committing an offense is a good example of a bad thing but committing your password to memory is a good thing. Omission of an important step in a process, […]

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