What Makes a Volunteer Stay on the Board?

Many non-profit organizations have a hard time getting enough good board members. So of course they would prefer if their board members stayed for as long as the term limit policy allows. My opinion is that a board member will stay on a board if they feel like they are accomplishing something worthwhile.  Everyone has […]

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Employee or subcontractor?

The question about whether someone is an employee or a subcontractor is a frequent topic of discussion, and I have spoken about this before. However, a recent federal court case has introduced a new problem. The court case involved a person who was characterized as a subcontractor and worked for the company for a long […]

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Confidentiality Chart

If your organization has confidential information, then you have a legal obligation to protect this information. I have prepared a chart to make this easy. The chart has columns with the following headings: confidential information, how are we protecting it, who can see it, consent, storage and disposal. This chart is also available in my […]

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Painless Financial Training Group Inc. with Debi Peverill

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