Estate Planning — Talk to Your Executor. Canada 150 Recommendation #72

Saturday’s= Retirement Assuming you have a will, you have appointed an executor. This executor should know your wishes so that they will be able to make the best decisions when implementing your will. In order to fully understand your wishes, you need to have frank discussions with executor. People don’t generally enjoy talking about death […]

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Does your e-cigarette also deliver malware? Canada 150 Recommendation #71

Friday’s= Computer Security The recent rise of vaping has provided the bad guys, known as fraudsters an additional method of getting access to people’s computer networks. Some of the machines that deliver the vapour are charged-up through a USB port rather than having batteries or an electrical adapter. I have heard that some of the […]

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Travel — Groups Need a Policy on Numbers. Canada 150 Recommendation #70

Thursday’s= Governance No one likes to think about disasters — but that does not mean they will not happen. Does your group have a policy about how many employees can be traveling in the same vehicle or on the same airline flight? Some groups will restrict the number of employees in each vehicle (or flight) to two — the […]

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Painless Financial Training Group Inc. with Debi Peverill

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