Mother’s Day Report Card

Continuing with my Mother’s Day theme. Today was the day. What grade would your family get on their Mother’s Day? If you forgot it was Mother’s Day and you have a mother — no points for you! You get an F. If you remembered about Mother’s Day only when you heard it on the radio or it […]

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How Do You Set Your Prices?

Business owners often have a hard time figuring out how much to charge their customers. There are a couple of approaches. Some people calculate their costs and then double that amount and they have a price. Others look at their competition and either match or try to set their price lower. I look at pricing […]

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Mother’s Day: A Governance Guide

I speak about governance a lot and I believe that governance applies to everything. With Mother’s Day coming up I would like to show how my decision making framework can apply to the holiday. ADAPPT Authority – who decides what is going to happen? Whose mother is she? Does the oldest sibling make the arrangements? Does […]

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Paying Canada Revenue Agency

People rarely enjoy paying their income taxes. However, most people don’t want to pay the government interest either. Should you be setting up a better system for paying your personal income tax? Do you owe for 2016? If so, how do you get caught up? I often say “there is never a good year to […]

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