Signs and Metrics

I took this picture before I did the hike. The signs serve a couple of purposes. The one about “pack in and pack out” explains a best practice of hikers everywhere. The sign about trapping makes reference to a law. The small sign that says Island Trails is a promotional sign, letting you know who […]

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Every Business Should Have a Plan for Key Employees Unavailability. Canada 150 Recommendation #6

The term “emergency succession” is a stuck-up way of talking about what happens if a key member of your organization is unexpectedly unavailable. The common way of talking about this is “What happens if “So and So” is hit by a bus?” Organizations should have this conversation frequently. The way I document emergency succession is […]

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Can You Get a Receipt for Parking?

One of the issues with CRA audits is having receipts for all of the expenses that you are claiming for tax purposes. There are a couple of examples that have plagued us over the years, dollar stores, pay phones and parking meters. Pay phones are no trouble anymore because nearly everyone has a cell phone. […]

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Painless Financial Training Group Inc. with Debi Peverill

Understand Financial Stuff, Painlessly