There can be no delegation without trust

When members elect board members to represent them there has to be trust, trust that the directors will do what is best for the members. Examples abound of situations where leaders have lost the trust of their constituents. We are seeing the impacts of the mainstream media having lost the trust of sections of the […]

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Last Call For December Year-Ends

June 30, 2017 marks the last day that you can file your corporate income tax return on time for your December 31 year-end. If you owe corporate tax and you are late, there is a late filing penalty. December 31 was nearly 6 months ago so your excuses for not having your financial statements prepared […]

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Members or Directors – Who should Decide?

Directors are elected by the membership to represent the best interests of the members. The plan is that the directors will do the research, debate, consider and then ultimately make the best decisions. The members do not need to do this heavy lifting. When then, do we ask the entire membership what to do? In […]

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How NOT to Charge Your Phone

I have been spending more time in airports than I would like lately and have noticed that “charging stations” are springing up in public areas. There are risks to using public charging stations. The USB ports are the ones to stay away from. When you put a USB connector directly into a port it is […]

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Having Fun or Being Careful?

I am continuing on with my theme of parenting skills as they apply to governance. I used to have teenagers. Thankfully my kids grew up safely and I am no longer responsible for their activities. When my teenage children left the house they were given this advice. If you have to make a choice between […]

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