When Do You Plan Your Week?

All the productivity articles point out that good things happen when you plan your activities. I believe this to be true. I have been able to reduce the number of items in my life that simply do not get done by making a weekly plan. I use a simple spreadsheet I built on Excel. I […]

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The Two Criteria for Your Business Success

I have worked with thousands of business owners – some have been successful and some have not. I believe there are two key questions that you have to be able to answer positively if your business is going to be one of the successful ones. These questions are: Do you know how to do the […]

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Legal is a low standard. Lets aim for ethical.

Most organizations have a policy that states they intend to comply with all laws and regulations. If your organization does not have this policy then you should consider adopting it. And it is a good personal policy as well. However, not breaking any laws is a pretty low standard for behavior. Here is an example […]

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Does Your Life Need a Little Spring Cleaning?

Spring cleaning is a term that has always interested me. When I was a child there was some actual cleaning that took place in my house during the month of May. Cupboards were emptied and scrubbed out, walls were washed and closets cleaned out. None of that happens on an annual schedule in my house! […]

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