What is a Fact?

Daniel Patrick Moynihan famously said “You are entitled to your own opinion, but you are not entitled to your own facts” This was said back in 2004 long before fake news and alternative facts. So what is a fact? One definition is something that is verifiable. I am a trained auditor and therefore know some […]

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Canada Revenue Agency Wants to Cause You Stress

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) assesses tax returns way faster than they process the payments. The notice of assessment is sent out before any payments have been processed. Unnecessary stress and heart attacks are caused by opening the envelope and seeing that you owe a BIG number. Many innocent taxpayers will assume that they owe the […]

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Biggest Mistake Made By New Business Owners

I have been working with new business owners for many years. Although there are many different challenges to starting a business there is one mistake which is made consistently. Most business owners do not have enough money available when they start the business. You should have enough cash so you are able to operate your […]

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Are You Playing the Audit Lottery?

The audit lottery is the game you play when you do stuff that you know is not right for income taxes and hope that you do not get audited that year. This is a similar plan to the one you had when you were 8 and hoped that your parents would not notice that “someone” […]

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