Policy Decision Tree

As a part of my ADAPPT decision-making framework we talk about policies. Specifically, we talk about being sure that our decisions are following our policies. If you have taken the time to create the policies, you should take the time to make sure you are adhering to them. We have created a decision tree to help.

Policy tree oct 2018

First question when we are considering the policy part of making a board decision is, do we have a policy? If the answer is yes then we consider if we are following our policy, if we are, then we are done talking about policies. If we are not following our own policy, then we have to change either the decision or the policy. You might be considered negligent if you are ignoring your own policies.  If we do not have a policy, then we should decide if this is the kind of decision that we expect to make again and if so, we will create the policy. If we do not think that we are going to need a policy, then we don’t make one.

This is straight forward and using the decision tree will avoid the awkward position a board would find itself in if they don’t follow policies they set themselves.

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