Policy Template Example

I have been asked to give examples of how my policy template could be used within an organization. This tip is about board attendance.

The name of the policy is Board Attendance and the policy applies to the board of directors.

The explanation of the policy is that all board members are expected to attend all board meetings.

The method for explaining the policy is that the policy is explained in the policy manual and board members are expected to be familiar with all board policies.

The monitoring is taking place by attendance being taken at each board meeting and that information is forwarded to the nominating committee. The nominating committee maintains the board attendance data base.

Board members will be asked to leave the board if they miss three meetings in a fiscal year. A warning is issued by the nominating committee when a board member has missed two meetings.

Example: Joe has missed two board meetings, the nominating committee advises him that if he misses another meeting before the end of the year he will be asked to resign. Joe misses the next meeting and leaves the board.

For every policy you need all of this detail, how the policy is explained, the consequences for non-compliance and the method of monitoring compliance. There is little point in setting policies without these details being determined.

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