Potential Board Members – Do You Play Well With Others?

If you are considering serving on a board, you will need to ask the question, “Do I play well with others?” Serving on a board means going to meetings, maybe lots of meetings. You have to listen to other people. You have to be polite and not interrupt other board members if they are talking, even if you are tired of listening to them.

Most things will be like a group project at school. Did you like group projects? Did a teacher ever write on your report card that you did not get along with others?  Some of us don’t mind working in a group as long as we are the ones in charge. Are you willing to work with the group until you become the chairperson of the board and will really start enjoying your time on the board?

Being asked to serve on a board is often a compliment. You just need to spend a little time thinking about the reality of a board meeting before you accept this appointment.

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