Recycling Best Practices – Costa Rica

I am visiting Costa Rica and have been amazed at  its beauty.  We are staying at Villas Del Caribe near Puerta Viyao on the  Caribean Sea.  This hotel has a system of recycling which has impressed me. I am a fan of recycling even though I am a committed capitalist – I believe that sustainable operations will lead to more profitability in the long term.

About this system:

Firstly they have two handles on the counter, one for compost and one for sold recyclables.



Note the blue and the red handles, if you pick up the handle there is a chute. You drop in your item and it is gone….




So I am thinking this must be a huge pain to empty out! I do a little more investigation and find that there is a door on our patio with a simple sliding lock, if you open it up as illustrated above, then you can see there are two bags attached to the tubes from the kitchen. I assume that someone will come along and empty these tubes.


When it is closed the door looks like this. I have not noticed any smell or any fruit flies.

If we had this feature it would eliminate that kitchen compost container. Making a system easy to use is one of the keys to getting people to follow the system – a lesson that applies to everything!




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  1. Samantha February 20, 2014 at 5:03 am #

    Yay recycling!! Looks like a great and simple system. Maybe you can bring this up with the folks in charge in Nova Scotia.. ha.

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