Remember Which Political Party Called You a Tax Cheat

As we approach the federal election, I believe that it is important for business owners in Canada to remember the July 2017 announcements made by Morneau and Trudeau about changing the tax rules in Canada. I have had a lot to say about those changes, as have many others.

Not all of the changes announced in July 2017 were made, largely due to a huge outcry by business owners. Those proposals indicated that Morneau and Trudeau do not understand the reality faced by small business owners in Canada and they do not support our efforts to build businesses which provide employment for many people.

What is important to remember now, as we have a chance to vote, is which party said that business owners were exploiting loopholes when what we were doing was following the law as written. Which party said that we were not paying our fair share of taxes?

When we vote, we make decisions about who we think will best lead our country. We make decisions based on what we hear the parties promising, but let’s not forget the realities of what they have actually done when we are making our voting decision.

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