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Painless Financial Learning Painless Financial Learning

Debi Peverill’s wisdom and wit are now available in a 24/7 interactive membership site. With 100s of pieces of content — audio, webinars, written articles, valuable checklists, downloads and question and answer forums — it’s a valuable tax-free investment business owners are sure to benefit from. Ask yourself this: Do you know all that you need to know about financial stuff? Do you understand how to price your product or services for maximum profitability? Do you think that if you understood income taxes better you could keep more of your money? Visit Painless Financial Learning and sign up today.

Basic Board Governance Basic Board Governance

Are You On A Board? Are You A Director? Learn What You Need To Know To Stay Out Of Trouble! This membership website is targeted at anyone who sits on a Board, be it a non-profit organization, charity, or their own corporation. Find out: What Governance means What your legal duties are as a director in Canada How to stay out of trouble Learn What All These Buzzwords Mean To You: Accountability Transparency Stakeholders Public engagement Board Members Must Be Financially Literate: You are responsible for approving financial statements and budgets. This site has easy to understand information, articles and webinars about these topics: Understanding and interpreting balance sheets and income statements Accounting terminology How to review budgets Internal controls Visit Basic Board Governance and join today!

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