Run Your Own Race

These are words that anyone who races anywhere has heard.

However, when you are lined up at the start and the gun goes off and everyone runs out faster than you do…. it is hard to remember that some of those people will slow down a lot.. and you will catch them later. The runners who take off faster than their own natural pace are unlikely to be able to sustain that speed. They will inevitably slow down and if your pace is faster than theirs you will eventually pass them.

We are all affected by peer pressure. We pay attention to what other people are doing and we wonder if we should follow the crowd. Running a race is a well worn metaphor for living your life. Run your own race – live your own life.

We are all impacted by what other people say and do and anyone who says they “Don’t care what anyone thinks.” is either lying or a sociopath.

I ran the Bluenose half marathon yesterday and was pleased with the race. I have no speed – I am all endurance. It has taken me awhile to learn this. I now do much longer races as longer races are better suited to my abilities. 




Everyone can benefit from taking the time to assess their own strengths.  Figure out what you are best suited to do and what you most enjoy. Just because everyone else is doing something (running fast) that does not mean you should!

Yes I know it is easy to offer advice and hard to take it, but think about it…

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