Satisfying Saturday

IMG_0527One of the topics I like to write about is time management. Saturdays are an important part of my personal time management. If you are truly interested in not “wasting time” then you should do things when it is most efficient. So I would never shop on a weekend, if I shop, it is during the week. So back to my point – I like to work on Saturdays, if I am not away. I get a lot done in the peace and serenity of my office on the weekends.
Today I worked early, went cross country skiing in the late afternoon – pictured here – and then did my bike ride in front of Hockey Night in Canada. I spent time on all aspects of my life – worked on all three of my businesses, time with family, Ironman training, being outdoors and watching hockey.
It is possible to balance your life – you just have to think about how to organize it all.

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