Scary Speed – Are you scared to go fast?

This weekend was my first long ride on my racing bike this spring. I have been riding the bike on my trainer in the basement all winter, riding but not going anywhere.  I have also taken my mountain bike out a few times this spring but the mountain bike is slow.  This is the first time I have been on a fast bike outside this spring.

So I found myself afraid on the downhills and actually put the brakes on a couple of times. I was not used to going fast. This made me think about some business analogies… how often are you asked if you are driving with your brakes on? (Like I was.)


This pictures shows one reason why one does not go fast – what happens when we come to an obstacle, either on the road or in our business? If you are going fast maybe you can’t stop in time to avoid the problem.  In business we have to be fast  to react to changing situations but still take enough time to avoid rash decisions. No kidding!

How do you decide how fast is fast enough for your business? Let me know what you think….

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