Signs and Metrics

I took this picture before I did the hike. The signs serve a couple of purposes. The one about “pack in and pack out” explains a best practice of hikers everywhere. The sign about trapping makes reference to a law. The small sign that says Island Trails is a promotional sign, letting you know who is responsible for bringing this trail to you. The sign with all the pictures of motorized vehicles with the big X lets you know that you cannot drive on this trail.

As I have said before, signs let us know a lot of things that we would not otherwise find out unless we were reading policy manuals.

What is missing here is a method for the operations of this trail to find out who is using the trail. There was no sign up sheet or counter. This organization will be unable to brag about usage. The number of people who use the trail would be an important metric when one is doing fund raising.

Any organization should make sure they have a method for determining who makes use of their product or service.

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