Social Media Strategy 2 of 3 – The Curators

In this tip we talk about the options for setting up your social media strategy so that your group is maintaining the ”go to” space for stakeholders to find out all the most relevant information on the topics your group is interested in.

If your organization has made the decision to invest staff resources in being more than a meeting place on social media then more time must be allocated, no kidding! The board should agree on the topics selected and determine the level of resources to be allocated.

The actual tasks will be monitoring the conversation on the topics and making sure that the content being presented on your site is of good quality.

If the goal is to be the curator, then some thought should be put into the sources of the information, your group does not want to be branded as spreading fake news.

The return on your investment in this case is the ability to help stakeholders find out the most relevant and useful information. Driving traffic to your website will also expose your stakeholders to your promotional material on the site, which expands your reach.

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