Software Updates/Patches, Are Yours Up to Date? Canada 150 Recommendation #85

Friday’s= Computer Security

Software makers routinely improve their software. They call these improvements “updates” or “patches”. You should have a policy of checking for updates on a regular basis.

The Equifax data breach allegedly came about because the software being used by Equifax still had a security hole within it. A security hole that had been patched — but — Equifax had not gotten around to fixing it yet. If this can be proven, then Equifax will be found negligent in protecting the data entrusted to them.

It is a simple thing to set up all your software to check for updates. The software can often be programmed to check automatically every week. Most of the updates are free so there is really no reason not to have the most up–to-date software.

When software makers patch security holes it is a good plan to take advantage of the updates.

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