Summer Series on Getting Compliance: Communicate

I often ponder the question, how do we get people to follow the rules? I see this type of challenge in both my work as an accountant and when I am doing governance training. This tip is the first in my summer series that will address the question, how we get compliance with the rules? I have created a checklist that spells Comply and today I will talk about what makes up the C.

The C in Comply stands for Communicate. The first step in getting people to follow the rules involves communicating the rules. People will not follow rules if they do not know what the rules are. We ask people to read policy manuals, information on websites or forms.

How does your group let people know about your rules? I see a lot of signs. Think about driving a car. What percentage of people have read the Motor Vehicle Act since they passed their drivers test? If it was not for signs then none of us would know that we are supposed to give a bicycle room on our roads.

The sign tells you what the rules are and how they apply. Think about how your group gets the word out about policies and procedures.

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