Sunday Long Runs

Like most triathletes the weekend is the time for longer training events. This week was a rest week as my goal race for the year Lake Placid Ironman 140.6 is precisely six months away. That may seem like a long time but this event takes 10 months of training if you hope to finish.

IMG_0538Todays run was a mere hour long but the scheduling took a little work, we had rain, snow, sun and wind to contend with and it took some luck to schedule the run at the time when it would be the most enjoyable. As I get closer to the race the long run will gradually increase until I am running about 3 hours on the weekends. I will switch to Saturdays for my long run as Sunday will become the long bike ride day, once I am biking outside and not in front of hockey. Sunday rides are marginally safer as there is less traffic, again this is time management.

Four days after the blizzard and the sidewalks are just now becoming passable for runners. This picture is too common right now, a large puddle hemmed in my snow. However I did my run in the sunshine, with some wind but for January it was pretty good weather – no complaints from me.

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