T4, T5 and T4A Deadline is Upon Us (Februrary 2018)

The last day of February 2018 is the last day to file your T4, T5 and T4A slips on time. If you are filing these slips after tomorrow then there will be penalties charged. In CRA’s continuing quest to make everything we do as complicated as possible, I can’t tell you how much the penalty is unless I know how many slips you are going to file, or how many days late you are going to be. Here are the examples for T4, T5, T4A slips:

1 to 5 slips                               penalty is $100, not based on how many days late.

6 to 10 slips                             penalty is $5 per day              Maximum penalty $500

11-50 slips                               penalty is $10 per day            Maximum penalty $1,000

51 to 500 slips                         penalty is $15 per day            Maximum penalty $1,500

501 to 2500 slips                     penalty is $25 per day            Maximum penalty $2,500

2,501 to 10,000 slips               penalty is $50 per day            Maximum penalty $5,000

10,001 or more                       penalty is $75 per day            Maximum penalty $7,500


The column with the maximum penalty is not the whole story of course. If you owe CRA money they calculate interest each day that the amount is outstanding. A $500 penalty would be assessed on March 1, 2018 and will grow each day until you actually pay it.

You should make every effort to file these returns on time. This is accomplished by filing electronically or sending paper copies in the mail. If you live close enough to a CRA office you can put the paper copies in the mailbox outside the building.

You can amend a T4, T5 or T4A after it is filed so file them on time and amend if necessary.

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