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Finding That Balance

On a recent family trip I had the opportunity to enjoy watching my children play. This does not happen too often – now that they are “adults” (whatever that means.) These pictures were taken while they were balancing on a teeter totter – one that was meant for mountain bikes not for people. While I […]

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Time Management While Traveling

I had occasion to drive from Bedford to New Glasgow for a meeting and then drive right back to Bedford. So I spent a little over 3 hours driving today. How does one best use this time? Since I now have a car with Bluetooth capability I can listen to podcasts and also to audiobooks. […]

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This is a picture of something that I have not seen for a few years. This is my swimsuit hanging in my bathroom, drying out after a swim workout. I have gotten out of the habit of making time to go swimming. This makes me think about habits – as a person who coaches others […]

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Painless Financial Training Group Inc. with Debi Peverill

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