Tax Season is Getting Close to Being Over

The finish line is now in sight for the 2018 personal tax season. Many taxpayers had to file their returns by the end of April, but a substantial portion of my clients are reporting self-employment income on their personal tax return and therefore have until June 15th to file.  The deadline this year is extended to Monday, June 17th as June 15th falls on a weekend. I am more than ready for this tax season to end.

If you have not filed your 2018 personal tax return as of yet, you are running out of time.  If you report self-employment income on your personal tax return, then yours is not yet late but there are only a few more days to get it done on time.  If you don’t report self-employment income on your personal return, then you are late and interest is accumulating each day on any balance that you owe. In either situation you need to get your tax return done soon to avoid paying more interest and penalties than you have to.

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