Terms of Reference for Committees

Efficient organizations use committees to get the work done. The proper committees will make it easier for the group to achieve their goals. We should think of  committees as needing the same structure as  boards. I have a form that has proven to be useful in documenting the terms of reference for a committee.

The topics that need to be covered are:

  • What is the purpose of this committee?
  • Who can be a member?
  • How are members appointed?
  • What are the responsibilities and authorities of this committee?
  • Who does it report to?
  • What is its budget?
  • How often should they meet?
  • What is quorum and when will these terms of reference be reviewed?

You can find the form HERE. If you use the form to document your committees everyone will have a better idea of who is doing what, which makes it easier to get the work done.

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