This Is A Bike Lane?

Windsor Street in Halifax got bike lanes this year. However, these lanes may be only useful in the summer. Why have bike lanes and not plow them properly? This lane is too narrow.


Some of my medical team is based on Windsor Street and I am there at least once a week, so I see how that lanes are being maintained. In the summer there is some debris in the lane but now these bike lanes are a hazard to any bike rider. There is ice, both of the obvious and the not so obvious variety.


If I bike in the winter I will use my mountain bike as triathlon bikes have very narrow wheels and I have become somewhat of a wimp due to my bike accidents. ( I count only the accidents that required surgery or hospital visits – and there have been four of those variety.)

it is a challenge to ride a bike on regular roads and the bike lanes are supposed to make that easier for cyclists and motorists.

Halifax is making some progress towards becoming a safe place to bike but we still have along ways to go.

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