Time Management While Traveling

I had occasion to drive from Bedford to New Glasgow for a meeting and then drive right back to Bedford. So I spent a little over 3 hours driving today.


How does one best use this time? Since I now have a car with Bluetooth capability I can listen to podcasts and also to audiobooks. Todays choice was to listen to Mitch Joel’s Twist Image podcast and also some of Malcolm Gladwell’s new book David and Goliath.

Mitch’s podcast was about the content crunch – how we all are bombarded constantly with so much stuff we could be reading, watching and listening to… but that we also now have more time since we always have a device nearby, we can read while we stand in line etc. The podcast was timely since I was “consuming content” while driving, which would not have been possible years ago.

Technology can turn my vehicle into a classroom.  I also can get stuff done on airplanes and trains etc.

Two questions come to mind, do  you take advantage of these opportunities to learn and if you are in business, is your business creating content that your stakeholders could be taking advantage of…

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