Today is the Due Date for T3’s

If you have a family trust, then chances are that the tax return for that trust is due today. Most trusts have December year-ends and 90 days to file the return. March 31st would be that due date, but, March 31st falls on a Saturday, so the next business day is the due date. Since the government gets more time off than the rest of us, Monday was a holiday and the return is due today.

Mutual fund companies also issue T3’s and we care about these forms because we need them to do our personal tax returns. T3’s are due a full month later than the T4 and T5 forms. This creates a short time for personal returns to be prepared, the T3’s are mailed on March 31 and the personal returns all have to be done by April 30. If you are waiting for your T3’s to get your personal tax return prepared, then your wait will soon be over. All T3’s should be available today.

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