Travel — Groups Need a Policy on Numbers. Canada 150 Recommendation #70

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No one likes to think about disasters — but that does not mean they will not happen.

Does your group have a policy about how many employees can be traveling in the same vehicle or on the same airline flight? Some groups will restrict the number of employees in each vehicle (or flight) to two — the thought being that the group can survive the loss of two employees, but no more than two.

We have heard of businesses that have been severely damaged by the loss of a lot of staff. The Polish government years ago lost most of their cabinet in one plane crash.

Board members have a responsibility for risk management. The easiest way to make sure the organization does not suffer the loss of a significant portion of their employees is by setting and monitoring a policy on the numbers of employees who can be using one mode of travel at a time.

Consider the risks and adopt an appropriate policy.

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