What Happens at an Annual General Meeting (AGM)?

Many non-profit organizations will be having their AGM’s in June. The AGM stands for Annual General Meeting. Much important stuff happens at an AGM . The new board is elected, the financial statements are approved and auditors are appointed. This tip is about the agenda.

First the agenda is approved. Then there is a review and approval of minutes from the prior year’s AGM. The agenda will include the presentation of the financial statements by the auditor or the treasurer, there will follow the nomination and election of the board and the appointment of the auditor.

Other stuff can happen, many groups will have the presentation of reports from each committee and some have a speaker. The AGM can be used to promote the aims of the organization. Some AGM’s are very exciting with shareholders complaining to the board and protests being staged. Others are pretty dull and not well attended. Either way the AGM will set the board for the coming year, so it is an important meeting.

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