What Makes it Committee Work?

I say, don’t do committee work at the boardroom table. However, I am asked sometimes what makes it committee work? My first thought is that it is the type of work that is very detailed and time consuming, such as picking the menu, table decorations, seating arrangements, etc. for an event.

Some committees are a group that have the same skills, such as the audit committee or the human resource (HR) committees. These committees do detailed work such as reviewing financial statements and interviewing employees. In a smaller organization this work may not be as complicated so the full board could be involved. In a larger organization this is a committee. There is also the question of whether there is staff work that should be being done rather than the board being involved? What differentiates committee work from work done by staff?

Each organization should spend some time to analyze what work is being done by staff, by committees and by the entire board.

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