What Makes People Follow the Rules?

I was recently biking on a section of the Great Trail where ATV’s are not allowed. As you can see  the sign that advises that ATV’s are not allowed is a picture, so literacy should not be an issue. The ground around the fence is marked by deep ruts where the ATV’s have gone around the sign. So, one assumes that the ATV riders know they are not allowed on the trail but they do not accept the authority of the group who put up the sign.

Do you see any of the same behaviour in your stakeholders or board members? Do your stakeholders follow all of your policies and accept your authority?

We see some of the same issue with tax compliance. Some people do not declare their income and they know they should, but they think non-compliance is an acceptable risk. Options to improve compliance include communicating the policies, monitoring behaviour and coming up with appropriate penalties.  What could your organization do to improve compliance with your policies?


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