What To Do After a Convention

The Global Speaker Summit has ended in Vancouver and I am doing something I recommend to anyone who attends any training events. The strategy is – take a day or two after the event ends and put together your notes, your to do lists and your timelines.

If you take the time to attend these events you should also take the time to implement the new things that you learn. If you return immediately to your regular life, you will be sucked into the vortex. You will have lost the momentum that you had after a few days of thinking about your business in new ways.

I am taking a couple of days in Whistler and following my own advice. Making my lists and deciding what my notes from the event really mean. I am deciding which of these notes represent something that I should do and if so when.

It is quiet in Whistler which is a nice change from the noise that 400 speakers make when they are all talking at once.

The Olympic symbol in Whistler is beautiful with the holiday lights.


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