Where Are YOUR Backups? Canada 150 Recommendation #22

Friday’s= Computer Security

Everyone tells you that you must have backups for your valuable computer files. My question today is, where are these backups? I have seen accounting packages that create backups, but they are located on the same hard drive as the original file. This is protection against a corrupt file but you are out of luck if you have a hard drive crash or your office is struck by meteors.

You need to have a backup that is not in the same location as your originals. Sounds simple enough – if you keep physical backups on USB sticks or disk drives then you need to have a set at home and a set at the office. If home is the office send a copy home with a trusted employee every now and then. If you don’t have any employees then give them to a friend. No friends? A safety deposit box would be the way to go.

A popular option is to have a backup on a cloud based service such as Dropbox. Best practice would be to have both – a physical backup out of the office and a cloud backup.


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