“Where is that child’s mother?”

For years I have had a saying, “Where is that child’s mother?” I apply the saying when I see a small child climbing a tree while the adult nearby is absorbed with their phone or otherwise occupied. Another example is a little kid who is running way ahead of his Dad very close to busy roads. Being a mother, I have always anticipated trouble. I am the one standing under the tree ready to catch the kid and to say “That’s high enough, come on down.” I had a death grip on my children when they were little and we were near traffic.

When it comes to risk management I lean on the side of worst case scenarios. The first young man who picked my daughter up in a car was interrogated about his driving skills, his license was examined and I explained the consequences if anything happened to her due to his carelessness. In every organization there should be someone with this outlook. Is anyone applying mothering skills in your group?

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