Which Of Your Decisions Require A Motion?

There is an art to having minutes that are useful but not excessively long. Recording a lot of stuff in the minutes that is not useful will add to the length of the minutes without improving the minutes. Having said that, we know that board resolutions should be included in the minutes.

Does every decision made by a board need a resolution? There is a motion to accept the agenda, to approve the minutes and to adjourn. What happens in between these motions – does it all have to be recorded in the form of motions? What about taking a break or opening a window? How do you decide?

A question I hear at meetings is “Do we need a motion for that?” My feedback would be that we need a motion for anything where a board decision has to be communicated to others.  Check the terms of reference for your committee or board and make a policy about which decisions require a motion.

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