Why Does My Car Think I Am An Idiot?

My car and I are getting to know each other. I bought the Toyota FRS (aka the Scion) in June and this is our first winter together. I am known for enjoying driving in all sorts of weather and I like a car that has a little style. I drive standard shifts – time enough for an automatic if a bike accident puts me in a wheelchair.

So to the point of my post today – my car has a little icon that lights up on the dash when the tires are spinning or the car is sliding in the snow. I do not need an icon for this! How is this helpful? I can tell that my car is sliding etc. Why does my car think that I do not know this…

I am concerned about the trend with vehicles lately, the car wants to do stuff, like parallel park for you, warn you about all kind of things like vehicles in your blind spot. There is even some talk of car manufacturers giving up on standard transmissions. (the horror). If I did not want to do the driving myself I could take a bus or hire a driver.
Maybe as we get to know each other better, if my car is so smart , it will figure out that I know what is going on and stop flashing icons at me I don’t need.

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