Why Don’t we get Compliance?

 I have been talking about compliance all summer. This tip asks the question: Why don’t your stakeholders follow the policies?

Possible reasons for non-compliance:

· Stakeholders do not recognize the authority of those who make the policies

· Policies are not good, not well explained, no one knows why the policy exists

· No one is observing or measuring compliance

· There are no consequences for non-compliance

Assuming you have followed COMPLY then the following has happened; you have communicated the policies, you have observed and measured, penalties are in place and the leadership is on board. What if you still do not have compliance?

What if the stakeholders do not accept your authority? Then it does not matter that you have communicated the policies. No one cares. 

Why do people drive their vehicles faster than the posted speed limit? They want to go faster, and they don’t like being bossed around by the government. They will speed until they get caught. The penalties might change their behaviour or maybe not. Some people keep up speeding until they lose their license. Even then there are those who will drive without a license.

Sometimes, even if you follow my amazing acronym, compliance does not improve. This is when you might find out that the stakeholders do not recognize your authority. You see this with parenting sometimes, the cause is lost, the children will not behave. 

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