Why I Keep On Doing Tax Returns

I am frequently asked why I like doing tax returns. This question is often asked by a baffled client, who actually dreads the process of putting their information together for their tax return. Tax season is a busy time of year and sometimes we overlook the good parts of this season because it is lost in the overall stress of meeting the deadline.

I have clients that have been with me since I started my practice more than 30 years ago. Some of these people I only see this time of year. When I look at their tax return I see what kind of year they had, I see marital status changes, medical expenses, moving expenses and life transitions. Some of my clients retire each year and some of them pass away. Each of these life events has tax consequences and I am there to explain and assist. Some of the children whom I remember becoming tax deductions for their parents are now parents themselves and I am assisting them with their returns.

Tax season is a time of stress, but it is also a social event, so I will continue to do tax returns for as long as I am able to do so.

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