Why You Should Not Do Your Own Tax Returns. Canada 150 Recommendation #31

Sunday’s= Personal Tax

The Canadian Income Tax Act is very complicated legislation. There are also changes being made daily to the administration and interpretation of this Act by Canada Revenue Agency.

Tax preparers live in this world and although you may be jealous – that is no reason to decide that you want to do your own tax work.

We all have to decide how we are going to spend our time. If you focus on areas where you have skills and experience, you should be able to make more money. Doing stuff you are good at can be very satisfying. Struggling with unfamiliar rules and forms can be very frustrating.

Why would you learn all about the Canadian Tax System so that you could do one tax return a year? Is this a good use of your time?

I would suggest that you find a tax preparer you are comfortable dealing with and let them tax care of your filing requirements.

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