Will You Pay the Cyber Ransom When the Bad Guys Ask? Canada 150 Recommendation #50

Friday’s= Computer Security

The time to think about your response to ransomware would be before you find out that your data is encrypted and the fraudsters want you to pay a bunch of bitcoin to get the data unencrypted.

Ransomware is being used routinely by fraudsters and appears to be a profitable business idea. These people get into your system when an email attachment is opened containing the malware. This malware (bad software) encrypts all your data. If you do not have backups which are unaffected by the encryption, then you are going to be in a position of deciding — do you pay the ransom or do you start over with creating your data from scratch.

Lets think about that for a moment. How would you begin the process of creating all the data you need to run your business if you can’t use any of your backups? Do you have paper copies of invoices and deposit slips? Could you rebuild your receivables and figure out who owes you money? Payroll records? Are you counting inventory to figure out what you have to sell?

Ponder this decision: do you like your plan for recreating your data or are you paying the ransom?

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