You Forgot Something on Your 2018 Tax Return, Now What?

What if, right after you filed your 2018 personal tax return you found the charitable donation that you had given up hope of ever seeing again? Or, what if you found some more income – a late slip like a T3 or T5 shows up?

If you used a tax preparer – you can forward the receipt to them and they will file an adjustment. The form that is used for this is called at T1Adj  and it can be filed electronically. If you do your own taxes then you will need to take a look at the software package you used and see if there is a refile option. Usually you can take a snapshot of the return as it was filed and then select the T1Adj option, enter your changes and then send the T1ADJ to CRA, hopefully electronically. If you don’t have that option then you might have to simply change the return and compare it to the old one and fill out the T1ADJ manually.

However you are going to do this – you should make sure that you ask of the adjustment to be made to your return. You do not want to give CRA the idea that you have income and you think that you can get away with not reporting it.

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